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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Services
What does it cost to custom frame a picture?

The cost of your custom framing depends on the many features that make up the picture framing.  They are:

  • Frame Size - The size of the piece
  • Frame Moulding Width
  • Frame Quality - The finish quality and decorative style of the frame
  • Mat type and number of mats - Acid free, regular or linen, etc.
  • Glass Type - Regular, non-glare, conservation, anti-reflective, museum and plexi
  • Assembly or Fitting Difficulty
  • Mounting - Hinge mounted or drymounted
We at Fastframe maintain a large list of suppliers from the highest quality to the most economical. You can be certain that we have plenty of options with regard to price and design. All design and price quotes are free of charge, so come on in and let us find something within your price range.

How fast can something be custom framed?

Generally we will frame a piece within a week. However, if a customer is under a time constraint, we will be happy to complete it within 24 hours with no additional charge.

What is conservation framing?

Conservation framing is the method by which we enclose artwork within a acid-free and UV light filtering environment. We use the highest quality mats, glass, mounting boards and framing techniques to shield your artwork from the effects of acid degradation and harmful UV light. If left unfiltered, UV light can cause artwork to fade and lose its color. Conservation framing allows you to remove the artwork from the frame at a later date, unharmed and unaltered.

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